Formation CNUDST / Thomson Reuters à l'ESC Tunis jeudi 13 avril 2017

2017 03 29 TR

Formation NUDST / Thomson Reuters au profit des étudiants, doctorants, chercheurs, enseignants bibliothécaires... à l'ESC Tunis jeudi 13 avril 2017.


9h - 9h30 : Présentation CNUDST: produits et services

9h30 - 13h :
+ Web of Science :
- Getting started with WoS (Perform a search, tools, analysis,..)
- Find what is essential to a research project in Web of Science
- Identify the most recent and influential papers in the field
- Use the power of citations to establish links between publications and subjects
- Identify key opinion leaders in the field and find potential collaborators
- Citation Analysis
- Citation Report

+ EndNote :
- Overview of what EndNote offers
- Collect and Manage references
- Format references